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Furniture Accessories

Whether you have a newly constructed or previously created outdoor area, it may be time to provide some accessories to that particular environment. The addition of a simple throw pillow for example, can increase the comfort as well as the appearance of any piece of patio furniture like a couch, loveseat or deep seated chair. If you already own patio furniture, you may simply desire replacement cushions to bring it back to its original glory. Well, there are replacement cushions that run the gamut of size, shape, solid color or pattern of fabric. These can also be custom made for more specific requests. If you would like to establish the appearance of a typical living room, yet outdoors, an outdoor rated rug may be the perfect solution. There are a multitude of weatherproof rugs available in different sizes, shapes and colors. We also carry furniture covers to keep all of your treasured items shielded from the potential rigors of an outdoor environment. These can also be custom made to your exact specifications.

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