Top Selling Gas Log Accessories

Fyre Backs

The Real Fyre collection of Fyrebacks are specially designed to augment the flame reflection backdrop for your fire logs. Contemporary or Traditional styling available in either polished stainless steel, black porcelain or a polished rose gold finish.

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Embers are a great way to add a since of realistic flame to any gas log set. Place a small amount of Embers on the floor of the burner bed to create a realistic glowing effect. You can even take it one step further and purchase Ember Glue, an adhesive material that allows you to glue embers to your Gas Logs and add a since of realistic wood burning.

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Pine Cones and Acorns

There is one simple way to make your Gas Log Set look brand new and upbeat and that is by simple adding Pine Cones and Acorns to the bottom of your Gas Log set to make it look as if it’s being displayed in Mother Nature.

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Remote Control Systems

This is the best way to make your gas Log set look brand new and feel like you’ve just installed it. By upgrading to the remote control ignition system you’ve not only made it easier to turn on your Gas Log set but you’ve taken all the added stress out of it. No more struggling to find the lighter, turning the key and siting there for 15 seconds waiting for it to light. The only think you have to be worried about is not spilling your chamomile tea while pushing the “on” button.

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