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All Sedona by Lynx products are made and designed with the family being first in mind. Sedona by Lynx pushes to make sure all of their products are Mom Friendly and Dad Ready. All Sedona Grills are manufactured with find craftsmanship and offer a long list of innovative features and technology. From their powerful stainless steel tubular burners to their elegant and beautiful blue led lights that shine down on the grill knobs. One line of products that Sedona by Lynx offers that tops all the competition is their line of Sedona Island Packages. Sedona by Lynx knock down islands are made of sturdy 1-inch square tubing with galvanized finish and come in two beautiful color options Sandalwood and Falcon Gray and offer two different types of configuration. Whatever one you choose to use known that these BBQ island will add a sense of uniqueness to any backyard patio and will surly entertain your guests.


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