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If you spend a great deal of time outdoors, you will want to look into the different SunBrite Outdoor LCD HDTV models we carry. Watching a great movie in the fresh air is the perfect way to unwind after a stressful day, and with a water resistant, aluminum shell, these SunBrite Outdoor HDTV's are fully rated for outdoor use. Even the control panels and remote controls are water resistant! Whether you are looking at one of these for yourself or for entertaining guests, SunBrite Outdoor LCD HDTV's are available in sizes between 32 anf 65 inches. There are also SunBrite Articulating Wall Mounts available for each model. These are the best way to mount any flat panel television, and unlike flat wall mounts, you can easily adjust the angle and position of the TV to fit your needs. If you think it would look great on a certain table, all models come standard with a Tabletop Stand, which attaches to the bottom of the TV. This stand allows you to place the unit on any flat surface and can be easily removed if you ever want to switch to a wall or pole mount system. To complete the setup of your LCD HDTV, you will want to consider the selection of SunBrite HDMI Cables we have available in lengths of 50 feet, 100 feet or 150 feet, these cables have gold plated connections and built-in equalizers to ensure that you get a true High Definition picture. We also have a specially made SunBrite Outdoor Dust cover, which is a great way to protect your outdoor HDTV when its not in use.

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