TEC Vinyl Grill Cover for 26-Inch Patio FR Series Freestanding Gas Grills - PFR1FC2

Reg. $150.00
  • Model #:  PFR1FC2
  • Weatherproof vinyl helps keep your grill protected from the elements.
  • Helps keep your grill clean and ready to cook between uses.
  • Designed to fit TEC Patio FR / Sterling Patio FR series 26-inch freestanding gas grill.
  • Fits grills with or without side shelves.

Keep your TEC Patio FR series grill looking its best and protected from the elements with a TEC Patio grill cover. Designed to fit 26-inch Patio FR series freestanding gas grills on a pedestal, this weather-resistant vinyl cover helps keep your grill clean and dry when not in use, so it can be ready for grilling anytime.