Twin Eagles Charcoal Tray for Twin Eagles TEBQ Grills - TECT

Reg. $138.37
Spec Library
  • Model #:  TECT
  • Great for people that love the taste of food cooked over a charcoal flame.
  • All stainless steel accessory with built-in ash collector for easy cleaning.
  • It uses the existing burner to light the charcoal briquettes or lump wood charcoal.

The Twin Eagles TECT Charcoal Tray are for those who savor the taste of charcoal-flame BBQ. Made of 100% Stainless steel, this tray features built-in ash catcher for easy cleaning. with the charcoal tray, you can conveniently light your charcoals over the existing burners and enjoy wonderful char flavor without the mess or fuss.