Twin Eagles 61 " Electric Radiant Heater - TEEH3524

Reg. $661.63
Spec Library
  • Model #:  TEEH3524
  • The heaters are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and can be installed at lower mounting heights (6-8 ft.), helping to maximize the heat where you need it most, especially in coastal areas.
  • 3500 Watts, 240 Volts and 14.6 Amps.
  • Energy Efficient - 90% of the input energy is converted directly into radiant heat.
  • The parabolic reflector is made of a special corrosive resistant alloy, an important feature for humid climates or windy areas.
  • Swivel mounting brackets allow 6-inches of clearance behind the heater.
  • UL Approved.
  • Wall mountable incremental control for easily regulated heat settings (included with heaters).

The Twin Eagles TEEH3524 is an energy efficient electric radiant heater perfect for maintaining a warm, comfortable atmosphere in your space indoors or outdoors. Designed to be mounted between 6-8 feet off the ground, this heater maximizes the efficiency of heat distribution where you need it most! THe Parabolic reflector ismade of a special corrosion-resistant allow - a life saver for windy or moist humid environments.