Twin Eagles Replacement Grill Carts for TEBQ Grills - TEGB

Spec Library
  • Model #:  TEGB
  • soft closing doors and self latching drawers
  • heavy duty casters with front brakes for easy maneuverability and fold down side shelves with tool holders.
  • The pull-out tray inside can be used to hold a trash receptacle or liquid propane tank.
  • Access doors and storage drawers feature flush handle design with hi-polished accents.
  • Both side shelves have specially designed tool holders to keep your tools handy, yet conveniently out of the way, so your side shelves may be used for other items essential to grilling.
  • 30-Inch Grill Cart (TEGB30-B and TEGB30SD-B) are compatible with any 30-inch built-in grill, Dine and Breakfast Club and Teppanyaki griddle.
  • 36-Inch Grill Cart (TEGB36-B and TEGB36SD-B) are compatible with any 36-inch built-in grill.
  • 42-Inch Grill Cart (TEGB42SD-B) is compatible with any 42-inch built-in grill.
  • 54-InchGrill Cart (TEGB52SD-B) is compatible with any 54-inch built-in grill.

Twin Eagles TEGB Freestanding Carts offers portability compatible with any preexisting Twin Eagles grill, as well as the Breakfast Club and Teppanyaki Griddle. Featuring soft-closing doors, self latching drawers, fold down side shelving, and tool holders all in heavy-duty stainless steel. ALso comes standard with heavy-duty casters with front locking breaks. Available in double door, or double drawer and door configurations. see below.


Twin Eagles Replacement Grill Carts for TEBQ Grills - TEGB

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