Twin Eagles Salamander Grill in Liquid Propane with Pedestal Base - TESG24L + TSGB24

Reg. $3195.35
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  • Model #:  TESG24L + TSGB24
  • Also Available in Natural Gas or as a built-in/counter top model.
  • Upgrade your outdoor kitchen to include the revolutionary design of our patented Salamangrill which cooks with a gas infrared burner mounted over the cooking grid. The burner generates 1,700 degrees of heat at the burner surface in 90 seconds. This unique cooking style retains juices and flavor without flare ups.
  • Four (4) level positions carriage cooks - Pizza in 4 minutes, 1 1/2-Inch thick steak in 6 minutes, Fish in 6 minutes and Chicken in 6-8 minutes.
  • 15,000 BTU infrared burner.
  • Cooking grate rolls in and out, making food placement easy.
  • 13-Inch Pizza stone included.
  • Standard features include self latching drawer with 100 pound weight capacity, heavy duty casters with front brakes for easy maneuverability and fold down side shelve with tool holders.
  • Storage drawer features flush handle design with hi-polished accents.
  • Side shelve has specially designed tool holders to keep your tools handy, yet conveniently out of the way, so your side shelves may be used for other items essential to grilling.

Experience high tech cooking with the TESG24L Twin Eagles 24-inch Salamangrill/Salamander Grill. Its patented cooking mechanism features an infrared burner situated above a four position cooking carriage. The infrared ceramic burner can produce 15 thousand BTUs of heat and can heat up to 1700 degrees in 90 seconds. With such quickly produced high yet even heat, the Twin Eagles 24-inch Salamangrill allows you to cook pizza in four minutes, 1 1/2" thick steaks in six minutes, chicken in six to eight minutes, and your favorite fish in only six minutes. Your food sits on rolling grates, so getting it in and out of your Twin Eagles 24-inch Salamangrill is easy. For easier traditional pizza cooking, a pizza stone is included. Your Salamangrill is made from 14 gauge 304 grade stainless steel and you can opt for a natural gas or liquid propane fuel source. The Twin Eagles 24 inch Salamangrill features a removable front hood to allow for over cooking or simply melting items such as cheese or creme brulee, also includes a custom vinyl cover for free.