Yard Art and Decor Functional Item Main Image

Functional Items

When you desire a functional accessory for your outdoor area, there are a multitude of options to select from. For example, serving carts can be utilized alongside a pool or added to any outdoor entertaining area. These provide a mobile solution for you and your guests to enjoy your favorite libations. Decorative, yet functional bridges will span the gap across a dry creek bed, babbling brook or pond. The addition of a stationary or tumbling compost bin will provide your garden with the rich nutrients it craves to properly feed your plants, herbs, fruits or veggies. A rain barrel can also be added to capture runoff waters, potentially lowering your utility bill. Stepping stones can be added to either create the decorative appearance of a walkway or to enhance foot traction across a heavily used path. Choices of attractive, yet functional mailboxes can be found in either wall mounted or post mounted styles.

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