The road to finding that perfect backyard gas grill can be filled with a lot of questions. What size grill should I get? Do I need an infrared backburner? What are BTUs? What’s the difference between a $1,500 gas grill and a $6,000 gas grill? What are ceramic briquettes? These questions are frequently asked when we assist a customer. So we’ve created a tell-all guide to help you find the perfect BBQ grill for you.

How to Buy a Gas Grill

You may be asking yourself, “Which one of these grills is the perfect one for me?” About 95 percent of our customers have asked themselves, or us, that very same question. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a page that could show you literally everything there is to consider about buying a gas grill? Well we’ve done just that! Come find out how truly easy it is to find the perfect gas grill for you.

Learn How To Buy A Gas Grill!

Gas Grills 101 – Understanding the Terminology

Gas grill terminology and the basic understanding of each key component can get confusing. Burners, 304 Grade 16 Gauge Stainless Steel, Heat Distributing Systems, Ignition Systems and Cooking Grates. What does it all mean? What do they do? In this guide we will go over each key component you’ll find in a gas grill and break them down by type and construction. Hopefully by the end of this guide you’ll have a strong enough understanding and you’ll be ready to shop for a gas grill with absolute confidence.

Class is in session! Come learn everything there is to know about Gas Grills!

Top 10 Gas Grills of 2017

Want to skip past all of the guess work and see what other gas grills customers have been buying this year? Then check out our Top 10 Gas Grills of 2017. We’ve taken our top selling barbecue gas grills of 2017 and listed them from one to ten, one being the top selling. Read more to see the best features of each grill in the top 10.

Top 10 Gas Grills of 2017!

Frequently Asked Questions About Gas Grills

So you’ve went through the Gas Grills 101 and How to Buy a Gas Grill pages and you still have questions, that’s perfectly fine! We’re here to help in any way we can and want to make sure you get all of your questions answered. Click the link below to view a couple top Q & A topics regarding gas grills. If you don’t see a question you wanted answered please email us at and we’ll be sure to answer it and post it.

Come and get all your questions answered about Gas Grills!